Adult chat operators

While that kind of income is possible, it takes time to build a base of repeat callers, and thats where the safe online chat rooms for singles bucks are.
Remember, the PSO industry is filled actors, and that often includes hiring managers who may get a bonus for every new worker chat rooms singles number who signs up through them.
Having been a phone sex operator for more than eight years, I can tell you from experience that phone sex can be a fun, sexy, lucrative live free phone chat gig, says author and phone sex operator.Since five bucks a minute works out to 300 per hour, youd think phone actors would make bank on their cut, right?A collective-action lawsuit filed recently against a national phone sex chat line alleges the company drastically underpays its employees and manipulates its compensation process to insure that their workers remain underpaid.Microphone and headset that can be used with your Computer * Those lacking the required internet, computer, microphone, or headset that are interested please still contact us we can discuss helping you get them.How about being paid for it?There is no physical connection here, its all just to fill that emotional void.If your audition involves a long, detailed private chat with someone who seems (not to put too fine a point on it) overly invested in the audition call, hang up and apply somewhere else.Then chatting may be the job for you.Lawsuits against phone sex companies are rare, but the issues Tele Pay workers raised are not.Court documents say Tele Pay often pays workers as little.20 per hour well below the nationwide minimum wage.25 per hour.They usually offer to let you listen in on a call with a regular customer who seems awfully eager to tip his favorite PSO wads of money.M, this site has been all over the news lately, getting good (and bad) press.Join InboxDollars for free.Besides possibly paying for a landline telephone, becoming a phone actor shouldnt cost you a dime.