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Bayleigh tells us Rockstar is not telling her anything about anything, but right now Rockstar isn't fooling anyone.
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She tells Angela if she's going to use her app, she has to use it before nominations.
They don't think there is going to be Have-Nots this week because it would have happened by now.It's about time someone other than me made a big move.NM, gL - 07:39PM, when Bayleigh left the HoH room, Angela happily sung, "someone might be backdoored tomorrow!Haleigh tells Bayleigh she had a vivid sex dream about Tyler -Magnus 9:56 PM PT, scottie: I feel like such a jackass for putting up Brett and montreal adult chat Winston.Just eat another bite." Brett "I knew she was going to make me eat all." 9:11AM BBT: Sam princesskori cam sex and Rockstar are in the kitchen.This season you will get all this plus lots more: Watch CBS Live or On Demand!Get the 24-7 Real-Time Live Feeds from the CBS website.Scottie said the cupcakes last night were really good.I couldn't believe she told her to "shutup!" I would have gone right back at her.At the live eviction, Brett gave a shocking speech and before the dust settled, half of the house was blind-sided.3:44PM BBT: Angela, Bayleigh, and Rockstar are in the HoH room talking about yummy beat balls, and how Rockstar used the leftovers to make beat loaf.silverspoons 4:55 PM PT Sam says so many people in interviews before the show asked her, do you want a showmance.
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