Chat room in php

Comet means: traditional singlepart response, but held (with an infinite loop and sleep) until there is data available.
It's asia chat room yahoo possible to do it with PHP (but php can't really do efficient multithreading and is generally not really suited for this).
Br/ br/ form action"p" method"post" div Your Name : input name"name" placeholder"A Name Please /div button Submit Start Chatting /button /form?
div form id"msg_form" input name"msg" size"30" type"text /form??This file is included twice in the sex and the city live sf p file, one for checking and other for displaying login box?Sql, the SQL code that creates the two tables needed for the group chat is contained in the tables.If(isset session'user sqlmdbh- prepare select name from chatters where name?Feel free to send them a private message so you can be more personal when chatting.update2 regarding the database: if you've got a nothing-shared architecture like mod_php/cgi in the backend, you definitley need some kind of external storage like databases or textfiles.The session is started when this file loads.You should change the credentials according to your database?Onload showReq; nd( null function showReq( event ) if ( adyState 4 ) showMessage( 'Data arrives: ' sponseText else alert( 'an error occured: ' adyState showReq is called every time data arrives, not just once like in regular ajax-requests (i'm not using jquery or prototype.Sharing videos from, Vimeo, etc.If the currently logged in user is accidentally deleted in case of misunderstanding, the script will automatically add the user to the table chatters.Its also easy to meet other people right from the pChat free chat rooms.
It also updates the time stamp of the currently logged in user if there is one making it impossible for the other script to delete the current user.
You can search by location, gender, age range and if their currently online or not.