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The stats mentioned above clearly show how customer happiness brings an additional value to a company and how bad experience turns out to be an additional, unnecessary cost.
Kory Salsbury, an IT specialist with over 10 years of experience, described several crazy phone calls he was a part of in the article for InfoWorld.
Ask your IT guy to play a little with the CSS settings, that should do the trick.Press the space bar, I said.Obviously I am not telling you to buy pizzas for all of your callers (although probably they wouldnt mind).He exclaimed in his endearing accent.They have high expectations from the start and most of the companies have simply not gone through the social media revolution yet.You can select from the entry-level and free services, good for bloggers and freelancers with no budget, like Olark and SnapEngage, as these tools allow connecting the chat service with existing IM accounts.Put your help desk on the cloud the agents might be already equipped with mobile devices, so try to use them for support.ICQ offers many tools which enable you to send text, voice messages, stickers and emojis to participants in the chat room.Even if you are not the one whos responsible for it, do not ignore it and do not hesitate to pick it up if theres no one else around.Why support agents dont care about customers needs, even though 3 out of 5 customers take their business to the competitors after poor customer service experience?Several hundred dollars-worth sales after the chat is more than enough to cover the expenses for a monthly chat subscription.Does it seem familiar?Lack of a toll-free number, unreliable free chat widget and no dedicated people to answer the question.
Important factors are wait times: how long it takes to start a chat (in cases where theres a queue of customers) and first response time after a chat session starts.
There is no mouse!

Have customers to chat with?
It will all pay off later.
For small and medium businesses, the previously mentioned chat software will become insufficient, so companies with at least several people onboard will quickly look at more advanced solutions.