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A quarter of users have a high level of trust in the internet?
See more alternate Names: Stephen Daldry CBE Stephan Daldry, height: 6' 1" (1.86 m).Edit, did You Know?Symphony, chat rooms for marriage advice dance or rock concerts?BTW, congrats to kamiware for winning the Ipod!Almost 80 of our users are male.This article contains a discussion by TripAdvisor members concerning the above topic.I find it surprising that 17 of users look for security / trust seals when making an online purchase.So, I chose none.Those can easily be faked.A little surprising, I thought the difference would be closer, like 60/40, or something.Is Playa del Carmen known for opera?That I found very surprising; I'm in that category, but I thought the majority were older, like in the 25-35 range.I am also surprised about the "Trust in the web" category.Its cool what you find out in a survey - @staff: thanks for doing it!It's a very warm and generous group of people.
We share huge amounts - I get other directors in to see my work all the time and they do the same with.