Free php chat system

It was very direct, and to the point, and used a fairly minimal amount of code to complete the task.
Using ajax, the browser (client) sends data to and retrieves it from a web server in the background.
It functions similar to the messenger applications, you can add buddies, chat with several users at the same time, change your online status more.
You will have a mobile friendly, easy-to-use console to manage your server.Shout me your experiences with the above applications their pros and cons.PHP, but the course was easy to follow along with.I would recommend it if you are looking for a coding exercise or quick project to practice your skills.Toksta* IM enables your users to chat via text chat or webcam in real time without having to switch to programs like Skype, MSN or ICQ!A Simple, chat, system created using, pHP /MySQLi and ajax/jQuery.Then came ajax chat applications which doesnt need page refresh and looks very similiar like any flash chat applications.Can free chat rooms at just chat be installed on any hosting server that supports.To run a websocket chat, a websocket server is required (any modern browser is a websocket client) and you need a dedicated server or VPS with root privileges in order to install a websocket server.Sound support is implemented using Flash, Socket support using Flash on client-side and Ruby on server-side.No refreshing of the page is ever needed for this web application to work, as everything is updated in real-time via JavaScript.Completely free group chat written in, pHP, using ajax as a transport system and MySQL as a database storage.Chatr is a chatroom on your site.In a chat based on websockets, the websocket server transmits the chat messages to the clients instantly, in realtime.Hope you will learn a lot from this simple system.Based on websockets, realtime group chat system (client server supports integration with bulletin boards and CMS - WordPress, Joomla, ard, vBulletin, phpBB etc custom integration.PHP /MySQL enabled host, the server requires a Linux VPS or simply use our.View demo, aJAX Chat is a simple productive an light weight chat application which can be used in your PHP applications.
WebSocket is a protocol, that provides full-duplex communication channel.