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I sex and camping dvd was used to places like Gaia Online, with it's mass of users, very different format, and simplified avatar system.
No Kill Zone (NKZ Used to denote a room that does not allow characters to be killed.
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Meta-gaming is the act of taking information the Player has learned (Either through research, eavesdropping, OOC chat, or simply being in the same chat room when someone reveals information about their character and using adult chat and date that information in their own character's actions.That is the essence of Roleplay.The rent is reasonable, which is hard to come by in this area of the city, the house is gorgeous, and while theres been a steady rotation of different housemates, in general roommate relations have been good.Theyre usually dull and longer than you think they need be, but you figure its a necessary evil in any group living situation.They appear as you want them to (If you can afford it they speak as you want them to speak, they behave how you want them to behave, they take on any and all characteristics you wish for them to have.Most Kingdoms are made up of RP Families.Occasionally, Roleplaying is mixed in with the act of cyber.Gale looked down at it and cursed it under her breath, she had been trying to use some sort of stealth.All however, would rather not spend time in jail, or have to pay any legal fines.This also includes heavy titles such as 'Baldur's Gate' Series and Zelda.They are run by Lords and Ladies, and are usually hostile to human characters.GalePhantasm: (Hey, I have to brb real quick, have to do the dishes before my mom comes home.Common Roleplay Terms: RP: The abbreviated Acronym for Roleplay.A power that could be way too powerful in one RP, may be a regular every-day thing in another.