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Also, Zygon, which has Zygon sex and was officially licensed.
Word of God says that a cut line of dialogue from a mission in the FreeSpace 2 mod Wing Commander Saga had free chat rooms at just chat a reference to Wing Come-At-Her III: Heart of the Muff Diver.
Death Note has the parody hentai OVA series Dream Note, in which the main character is able to make any woman he'd like have sex with him simply by writing their name in his notebook.
Sex Psycho (the 2003 one).Endeavour : In "Coda Morse and Truelove search a car that has a boot full of blue movies with surprisingly highbrow titles, such as Moaning Becomes Electra and Hedda Gobbler.Real Life Who's Nailin' Serra Paylin?Just try recommending that film to someone "It's called In Out - no, it's nothing like that - it's about this gay teacher.One character gets suspicious after a very happy teenager praises the clerks when he is seemingly returning The Joy Luck Club.When Krusty passes by Springfield's X-theater, the now playing titles hallierose cam porn clip include For Your Thighs Only, Crocodile Done Me and Doctor Strangepants.The maker/star of Lord of the G-Strings is a twisted, sick little monkey.Driving Miss Daisy Crazy.Psych : As Stumpy complains about the selection of porn on pay-per-view in the "Deez Nups" episode, he lists Chitty Chitty Gang Bang, Batman Throbbin and Hannah Does Her Sisters.Brandon: Oh, all sorts of movies with all-male casts.It's Kyle's eighteenth birthday in Not South Park XXX!In another sketch, host Adrien Brody and a cast member play the guys who come up yahoo chat rooms sri lanka with porn titles based on movies.Magna Cum Laude is especially full of them - between the porn section of the local video rental store and the nearby adult theater, there are dozens of parody porn titles used as throwaway jokes.They watch Good Will Humping and In and Out and In Again.There's World of Whorecraft (which was later changed to WhoreLore which is pretty much as you'd expect it.Notable for the fact that despite replacing Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer with two hot bisexual women, the parody still managed to have less of a homoerotic undertone than the original movie.Inverted with South Park: Bigger, Longer Uncut which took its name from John Bobbit's porn film.Web Comics Bad Gods ' webcomic Capybara Brothers has an example of the porn title game.Dance Dance Erolution, a series of Japanese gay porn flicks.The E is for.T.3: The Extra Testicle!
Demon's Sperm is a 2D platformer which follows the gameplay of the source material very accurately, aside from Clothing Damage, or optionally, Full-Frontal Assault.
It features a simple plot that mirrors the show, and the characters have slightly altered names, like "John Doe" and "Danielles Tares".