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else if (status nnected) log Strophe is connected, ' connection.Keep exploring Kongregate with more and.Can I chat with people on other messaging services?This helps to prevent social engineering attacks, in which someone other than the rightful owner tries to gain control over an account.Feel free to contact Peter Saint-Andre if you have questions about the logo.If you have an account at the Jabber.What can I do?You can use your Jabber.We no longer support Internet Explorer v10 and older.The application has support for multiple rooms users can create roomsmultiple yahoo like chat room users and private messages.Based on the results of that experiment, we plan to implement automated account creation in early 2018.This page answers some frequently-asked questions about the Jabber.Local chat message archiving must be enabled ciso persistent chat.After you complete the server side configuration, this parameter has to be added in the jabber-config.Jabber.org which breaks the Flash security model (it expects to find the crossdomain.
Apart from that, the profile picture as well as the account information such as nickname, gender and date.