Real sex in gay movies

38 Italian Cristiana monaca indemoniata 1972 Uncut version sex message chat of this film, directed by Sergio Bergonzelli contains HC scenes.
T (French) Il pavone nero.Comment : I found the sex scene in The Candelabra to be very realistic."The Legend of Henry Paris" (PDF).(German) Sesso nero AKA Orgasmo Nero III AKA Black Sex AKA Exotic Malice.Stockholm Film Festival Marco Duran.1 Philadelphia City Paper.Retrieved Logan, Lynn (interviewer).Retrieved "Emanuelle Around the World: XXX live stream porn money European Cut (1977.Archived from the original on Retrieved Weissberg, Jay (19 February 2016).60 61 The German Blu-ray edition of Immoral Tales contains a (pixelated) film clip from Borowczyk's A Private Collection that features an unsimulated bestiality between a woman and a dog.M Luz del Fuego-The Movie.
226 English Año bisiesto (English title: Leap Year ) 2010 Film by Michael Rowe features unsimulated sex scenes.
102 English The Ceremony 1977 A film (also known as Erotiki Teleti ) directed by the prolific Greek director Omiros Efstratiadis exists in many versions, including the hardcore ones.

189 Italian, French, English, Spanish Rossa Venezia 2003 This film by Andreas Bethmann features many hardcore sex scenes, mostly lesbian.
"Sex act offends censor festival film ordered cut".