Real touch sex toy

In other words, controlling a sex toy with any photography camps for adults kind of computer network.
Frixion has been getting a ton of press since 2013 but hasnt moved out of private beta.
It appears to be the only one of the six companies sued by TZU thats actually selling a product.
Read the complaint (PDF).The story broke yesterday at Metafetish, where hardware engineer Kyle Machulis explained how the lawsuits would likely unfold.Thats right theyre hot sex scenes in real live going to try to sue Kickstarter for hosting a project that falls under a patent so broad it literally covers any remote-controlled sex toy that is vaguely related to a computer network or media on your computer.This crazily overbroad description from the patent filing explains whats covered by the patent: It is a primary object of the invention to provide a system that permits an operator to have interactive control of a sexual aid used to stimulate a recipient that.The dream of teledildonics, or having sex over the internet using remote-controlled sex toys, has been around since the 1990s.So basically, if you have a sex toy that can be remotely-controlled using existing computer networks (thats how stupidly broad this thing is) OR controlled by a video on your computer, then it is supposedly covered by this foolish, foolish patent.Vibease, which makes a Bluetooth-controlled vibrator.But sadly, getting that re-exam and revocation takes time, fantasy football chat room espn money and lawyers.First, heres the patent, which is for a Method and device for interactive virtual control of sexual aids using digital computer networks.It is yet another object of the invention to provide a multi-media event, such as a prerecorded video feed, that automatically operates a stimulation aid located at a user interface.Ars Technicas Joe Mullin lists all six of the companies being sued : Comingle, a company that is taking pre-orders for its product, a programmable dildo called the Mod.The author of the sex-toy blog Metafetish, which first noted the TZU lawsuits, pointed out that LovePalz said it started shipping products in 2013, but no one has seen the device actually working.
Patent office isnt perfect.
My favorite part is that TZU decided to name Kickstarter in one of their complaints, too.