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They already believed blue light caused macular degeneration, and they were trying to find out how that works, on a teen video cams nude molecular level.
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Statistics in social sciences.A: Doesnt it depend on what you do while youre using them?Experimental design, data analysis.Q: So why does this show phones make you go blind?One thing that we could do is to have "office hours" for the moderators to be online at certain times/days (for short time periods).When you sign in to comment, IBM will provide your email, first name and last name to disqus.Statistical Research, statistical theory and methodology.Start your club here.A: No, q: Macular degeneration?Its clearer from their press release, though that still talks a lot about phones the newspaper didnt make this one.Probability theory, stochastic processes.
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Some of them were originally derived from mouse cells, and some were originally derived human cells like the famous HeLa cell line.
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Q: Especially if your phone and computer switch to a tasteful sepia colour scheme at night, like they tend to nowadays.