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I could use a little Dad advice right about now.
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Fae Ray Arboretum : Fae Ray Arboretum is a nature-lovers paradise.
Blood Is the New Black : Her dress in "As Time Goes By" has her victims' blood splashed on the front.All right, look, yeah, in a perfect world, I would probably kill you and your plodding sons.Evil Redhead : The host she uses (Josie Sands) is a redhead.Even after becoming King of Hell, Crowley genuinely enjoys the world and prefers it remain as.Red Eyes, Take Warning : Crossroad demons.Lilith, the first demon, and Alastair (White-Eyed Demons).He was this to Meg, and Lucifer was this to him (as was Lilith according to Word of God ).Send entries TO: Creation Entertainment supernatural Music Video Contest/minneapolis South Kenwood.He appreciates a good tool, too.Creepy Child : Subverted.During the final confrontation with the Darkness Lucifer was forcefully ripped out of the vessel by Amara.Below you'll find all the ways to attend the Official Minneapolis Supernatural Convention.Ruby onlinebookmakers sex onlinecasino black-jack is Supernatural 's reigning champ of Xanatos Speed Chess.Your Grandfather is God.Order early to avoid higher prices and the distinct possibility of one of our more popular items selling out.Dark Is Not Evil : A demon and not a particularly nice person, but one who is at least dedicated to helping Sam defeat Lilith and one who does seem to have some capacity for softness and affection.He succeeds in turning Ansem and Ava and Jake evil, drove Scott to seek therapy, and tried his damnedest to corrupt Sam too.Lucifer keeps the Winchesters inside, surprised to see them.As the first order of business, he spares only three demons (who appear to be Lucifer loyalists, like Asmodeus) and slaughters all the other demons in the room for exemplifying the Villain Decay he is trying to avert.
Kick the Son of a Bitch : Alastair is undoubtedly a nasty piece of work, but he is at least an enjoyable villain.