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The next morning, Illeana awakes to find herself partly covered in Costa's blood.
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Martin's mother claims that she saw Martin in Quebec city and she tells tevin cambell is gay the police that Martin is evil.The police chase Asher, but he escapes in a train station and boards a train headed east.Illeana determines that Asher is targeting people whose lives hold something his current one lacks, and that his latest target is Costa after his apartment is broken into and ransacked.During a show at his gallery, Costa is attacked by an assailant (.Taking Matt's guitar and clothes, he walks away singing in a voice similar to Matt's.Illeana gives chase, and causes the car to crash and explode just as Costa manages to escape.Illeana, seemingly unharmed by the stabbing, shocks Asher by quickly stabbing him in the heart with the same scissors.Costa is subsequently used in a sting operation to lure and apprehend Asher, but the operation fails and Costa angrily refuses to be used as bait.Carlisle, Pennsylvania and looking heavily pregnant with Asher's twin boys.Illeana, who has difficulty adjusting to her new surroundings and is distrusted by her local colleagues, interviews art dealer, james Costa ethan Hawke an eyewitness who saw Asher kill his last victim.Montreal in apprehending a serial killer who assumes the identities of his victims, enabling him to travel undetected across.He meets another teen on the bus, Matt Soulsby.Shocked, Rebecca leaves the morgue, and goes to the elevator, as Illeana chases after her.Twenty years later, a successful, fBI profiler, Illeana Scott angelina Jolie is summoned to help out the authorities.Illeana is attacked by a hidden assailant, who escapes before she can identify him.Rated R for strong violence including disturbing images, language and some sexuality.
Country: USA Language: English French Release Date: (USA) See more » Also Known As: Elude võtmine See more » Filming Locations: Gare Windsor, Montréal, Québec, Canada See more » Edit Box Office Budget: 45,000,000 (estimated) Opening Weekend USA: 11,458,465, Wide Release Gross USA: 32,682,342 Cumulative.