Talk dirty sex messaging free chat

talk dirty sex messaging free chat

Kindu.0 is set to release on Feb.
DV8 Deviate DW Dear (or Darling) wife DWF Divorced white female DWM Divorced white male dxnry Dictionary dynwutb Do you know what you are talking about?
Frankly, while this app may be to new to the game, frankly, it's creating quite the stir.Miss.3 would be a 3-year old daughter mkay Meaning happy campers movie sex scene "Mmm, okay" MLM Meaning give the middle finger MM Sister (Mandarin Chinese txt msg) MMK Meaning okay?The truth questions, such as share a naughty fantasy youve never told anyone about, are a great way to get comfortable talking dirty and communicating with your partner(s).SOS Meaning help SOS Son of Sam SOT Short of time sotmg Short of time, must go sowm Someone with me SPK Speak (SMS) srsly Seriously spst Same place, same time spto Spoke to SQ Square SRY Sorry SS So sorry ssdd Same stuff, different.The answer will indicate if your partner is comfortable talking naughty things and are open to your flirtatious acts.You can even throw your own ideas into the deck.CFY Calling for you CHK Check ciao Good-bye (Italian word) cico Coffee in, coffee out CID Crying in disgrace CID Consider it done clab Crying like a baby CLD Could CLK Click CM Call me cmap Cover my *a* partner (online gaming) CMB Call.Cthu Cracking the *heck* up CTN Can't talk now CTO Check this out CU See you too CU See you CU2 See you CUA See you around CUL See you later cula See you later alligator CUL8R See you later cumid See you.HTH Hope this helps HUB Head up butt huya Head up your *butt* HV Have HVH Heroic Violet Hold (online gaming) HW Homework hyfr Hell yeah, *Freaking* right!Pizza, burgers, fries) fbfr FaceBook friend FBM Fine by me FBO Facebook official (An official update from Facebook) fbow For better or worse FC Fingers crossed FC Full card (online gaming) FC'ingo For crying out loud fcol For crying out loud feitctaj *Freak* 'em.RX Regards RW Real world RX Meaning drugs or prescriptions RYB Read your Bible RYO Roll your own RYS Read your screen RYS Are you single?