Tf2 x reader chat room

tf2 x reader chat room

"I'm runnin' circles around ya'!
"Maybe if you were paying attention you'd know." They all began bickering over who was better while you just lye there and lesbians free chat smirked.31 October, 2011 - Sentry-Mann 2 Comments.Here's the tip, if a gift spawns while the boss Monocules is out, check the underworld.Blue spy uncloaked right beside you."Scout." They all looked at you."fish slap B*CH!" * Next you kicked open the fort's door.You caught it and stormed out.I'm bored." The rolled their eyes."Headshot." You respawned with a scowl on your face.Next you took a fish form the kitchen counter and crept into Medic's lab."Ye?" "WHO touched MY sandvich?!" Scout paled, dropping the game and shaking his head.Watching from behind the couch, you watched as Heavy came back and glared at the food object angrily."Meeeedic?" "Ja?" He asked turning around.Or you may just like to spam the thriller taunts all night."Give me a bomb." You muttered.GIfts often spawn down d if you're the lucky one who finds it, your costume will have "Haunted" quality!"ay, lass?" He slurred.
"Scout." "Hm?" "I'm bored." "Scout." No answer.
"what'S UP losers?!" A group of Scouts glared at you.