6 month diet before gastric sleeve letter sample

By | August 13, 2020

6 month diet before gastric sleeve letter sample

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Bariatric surgery is the most robust treatment for extreme obesity. The impact of preoperative medical weight management sessions designed, in theory, with the primary goal of promoting preoperative weight loss, is unclear. This paper reviews studies that have investigated the relationship between preoperative weight loss and bariatric surgical outcomes, both with respect to postoperative weight loss and complications. We conclude that the most robust of preoperative interventions has not been implemented or evaluated in a manner which would conclusively assess the value of this element of care. We offer a reconsideration of the role of preoperative medical weight management and provide recommendations for future research in this area. These weight losses are durable, with the majority of patients maintaining a large percentage of their initial weight loss over the first postoperative decade [ 2 — 4 ]. Advancements in surgical process including laparoscopic approach, robotic assist, and safety culture have established the efficacy and safety of the most commonly performed procedures [ 5 ]. Furthermore, professional societies have produced a number of guidelines with the goal of establishing best practices for bariatric care [ 1, 6 ]. Much of the focus of these guidelines is the systematic identification and evaluation of an appropriate patient from a medical and surgical perspective. The guidelines also emphasize the role of the multidisciplinary, integrated health team—dietitians, nurses, mental health professionals, etc. An important element of this care is preoperative medical weight management MWM, where patients are asked to engage in a program designed to produce weight loss prior to surgery and, theoretically, reduce the risk of surgical complications and maximize postoperative weight loss.

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