Best keto diet for beginners

By | February 16, 2021

best keto diet for beginners

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By: Alison Moodie October 7, Eat fat to burn fat? Also called the keto diet, this high-fat, low-carb style of eating can help you feel energized and laser sharp. It can even help you stay at a healthy weight—all while enjoying delicious, satisfying foods. Read on to learn everything you want to know about this style of eating with our keto diet for beginners guide. Your brain and body benefit from healthy fats, regardless of what diet you follow. Eating keto means eating more fats and fewer carbs, which changes the way your body turns food into energy. Think of your body like a hybrid car. Your metabolism is designed to turn carbs into glucose for energy. But just like a hybrid can run on gas or electricity, your body has another way to make energy: fat.

Another potential downside to the keto diet: the keto flu. Crispy Cuban roast pork Lechon asado. Discuss any changes in medication and relevant lifestyle changes with your doctor. Learn more: Food for thought: Does the brain need carbs? Upcoming keto events Do you want to connect with low-carb and keto fans and experts? Just watch the sodium content, as it can add up quickly.

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