Diabetes marathon training diet

By | October 9, 2020

diabetes marathon training diet

It’s possible to run, be active and even do marathons when you have diabetes. In fact, it may even help you. If you have diabetes, here are a few tips to help you get inspired, put your running shoes on, and hit the open road. There are two main types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. There is also another type that occurs in pregnancy called gestational diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the most common with roughly 90 percent of diabetics with this type. Diabetes affects a huge number of the population, including 23 million adults and children in the United States or 7. These numbers are on the rise particularly with the increasing rates of inactivity and obesity worldwide. Most shocking is the rising number of young people being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, which used to be a condition only associated with adulthood. When someone has Type 2 diabetes, their body doesn’t make enough insulin or it doesn’t use it properly. This is known as insulin resistance.

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