Diabetic low oxalate diet

By | August 2, 2020

diabetic low oxalate diet

Kidney stone formation seems to be more prevalent during the summer season due to the weather being hot and dry. Many people suffer from dehydration during the summer months and dehydration can increase the risk of minerals to crystallize in the kidneys of certain individuals. Although the reason is not completely clear, there seems to be a connection to the increased obesity rates along with the typical American diet. People that live in the South or Southwest hot and dry produce more kidney stones. Those with type 2 diabetes have insulin resistance which causes higher amounts of acid in the urine and may be a reason for uric acid stones. People that have gout also produce high levels of uric acid which can lead to more kidney stones. Those who suffer from hypertension, IBS irritable bowel syndrome, hyperparathyroidism, or excess blood calcium all have higher incidences of kidney stones. Men tend to suffer from more kidney stones but the gap is recently narrowing with women. Immobilization or lack of movement is a risk factor for stones. Calcium oxalate makes up the majority of stones, along with calcium phosphate, uric acid and struvite magnesium, ammonia and phosphate.

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