Do high protein diets cause gas

By | March 22, 2021

do high protein diets cause gas

Muscle and Fitness Hers Promotions. But introducing some balance to your body with the solutions above will help you. Nutrition Nutrition Basics Healthy Eating. That clean, healthy high protein diet is likely the cause of your constant bloating. How can you stop protein-induced gas? Read article. This can be because the higher quantity of protein can cause fermentation in the gut that can lead to gassiness or bloating. However, more extreme versions—which have been shown to have some health benefits—are also gaining ground, particularly among gym goers. You probably know that a high protein diet needs to be coupled with a well-informed workout programme. Normally, our body produces lactase, which breaks down lactose into two simple sugars, glucose and galactose.

Farting, cutting the cheese, gas, wind, or, to be technical, flatulence—you get the idea. Not only can too much gas cause uncomfortable situations, but it will also leave your stomach in a knot—not a muscular one. Depending on the source, protein can be harder on your body to digest. It may be the reason why people are giving you a weird look at the gym. As mentioned before, protein takes a while to break down in your body. This causes a thermic effect due to the difficulties of breaking it down. Thermic effect means that your body uses more calories to digest and uses the calories in protein. When your body breaks down protein, nitrogen is left. The end result of that positive nitrogen balance is you letting one loose. A diet lacking in fiber mixed in with a ton of protein will make for one constipated gym-goer.

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