How detox diets work

By | January 1, 2021

how detox diets work

Dec 30, Katie Rosenblum. On the lifelong journey to health and wellness, it can be tempting to look for quick fixes and easy solutions. There are juice cleanses, liquid-only cleanses, cleanses that require fasting, or cleanses that include specific foods. The shared component of these different cleanses is that they are all restrictive, limiting calories and nutrients. These diets often sound like a good idea and claim to offer easy, attractive results. Supporters say they can rid the body of toxins, help you lose weight, and lower blood pressure or cholesterol. But the truth is there is little to no research to support most of these claims.

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Feeling sluggish? Want to lose weight? Worried about toxins in your body? There are plenty of pills, potions and concoctions that promise to boost energy, shed pounds and eliminate poisons. Many do-it-yourself cleanses call for fasting followed by a regimen of vegetables, fruits, juices and water, in addition to taking herbs and other supplements. After the detox, though, the water weight quickly comes back. If people return to their unhealthy eating habits, those pounds also pile back on, Bechtold said. So why do so many people extol detoxing benefits? They may feel better during the period when they eliminated highly processed foods and sugary treats, both of which have nothing to do with a magic pill.

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