How to diet for blood type o

By | February 11, 2021

how to diet for blood type o

The statements made on our websites have not been evaluated by the FDA U. Our products and services are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician. Log In. D’Adamo About Dr. D’Adamo Search Shop Products. What makes Me Me and You You? This is the question that is at the heart of the genetic puzzle. It is also central to our exploration of blood types. The key is genetic heritage – the story line of your life. Even though you are living in the 21st century, you share a common bond with your ancestors.

Have you heard of the blood type diet? I thought it had been debunked long ago but patients keep asking about it, so I figured I should learn more. Soon, the book was a best seller and people everywhere were finding out their blood type, revising their grocery lists, and changing how they ate, exercised, and thought about their health. As mentioned, the recommendations for the blood type diets extend well beyond food choices. For example, people with type O blood are advised to choose high-intensity aerobic exercise and take supplements for their sensitive stomachs, while those with type A blood should choose low-intensity activities and include meditation as part of their routine. High-quality studies about the blood type diet had not been published in peer-reviewed medical literature. Studies published in and about the blood type diets are worth noting. The theory behind this diet is that blood type is closely tied to our ability to digest certain types of foods, so that the proper diet will improve digestion, help maintain ideal body weight, increase energy levels, and prevent disease, including cancer and cardiovascular disease. Group A was said to evolve when humans began to farm and had more vegetarian diets. Group B blood types were said to arise among nomadic tribes who consumed a lot of dairy products. And since Group AB blood was supposed to have evolved from the intermingling of people with types A and B blood, type AB recommendations were intermediate between those for people with types A and B blood. Each of these theories has been challenged.

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