Restaurants to eat at for keto diet

By | September 28, 2020

restaurants to eat at for keto diet

Switching to a low-carb diet can be tough. Most people don’t realize just how many carbs they’re ingesting or the effect it’s having on their digestive health and weight until they start to look into the keto diet, or something like it. And, to be sure, low-carb eating isn’t for everyone, and everyone should check with a doctor before any big dietary changes. That said, an increasing number of restaurants are tailoring menus to low-carb eating. From fast food and fast casual to family restaurants, here are options if you’re planning to eat keto anytime soon, with some specific menu item suggestions that are low-carb friendly. With the ability to leave out the tortilla, rice, and beans and super-fast ordering and delivery options, Chipotle is a go-to eatery for anyone on a low-carb diet who wants to dine out or order in. The chain has started making low-carb ordering even easier by offering “Lifestyle Bowls” to those on certain diets, including keto. Just ditch the carb-heavy rice and beans, and if your protein or fat intake is low for the day, add extra cheese, sour cream, or guac. Everything that can be said for Chipotle is pretty much true of Qdoba, although the latter has far fewer locations. If you’re lucky enough to have both in your area, it’s pretty much a matter of preference.

Most restaurants now have their menu available online. If you are new to keto and concerned about navigating the menu, why not take a peek at home before you go? Scan the menu for keto-friendly options that are likely to be sugar-free and delicious. Once you get to the restaurant, careful ordering can customize the dish so it is perfect for your keto or low-carb regimen. Bounce the bread. Pass on the pasta. Purge the potatoes.

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