Salmon mediterranean diet recipes

By | August 16, 2020

salmon mediterranean diet recipes

This recipe for lemon pepper salmon reminds me a lot of my Mediterranean Diet Chicken Piccata as they both feature the great taste of lemon. However, this recipe also features the great taste of pepper as well. It really is the interaction that lemon and pepper have together that make this such as great tasting recipe. While the lemon gives us that tangy citrus flavor, the pepper seems to send our taste buds in a different direction. I love the way that these flavors balance one another to make such a great taste for fish, especially salmon! I should say that in a recipe such as this one, the lemon pepper seasoning is used to create a great tasting salmon. But, in reality, a lemon pepper seasoning is the perfect seasoning to sprinkle on top of chicken or fish for baking. The oil from the zest works with the pepper to marry into a great taste. Lemon pepper zest is also a great seasoning alternative for anyone avoiding salt as it gives us this great flavor without having to be salty. Certainly, it is not every day that we line a glass baking dish with aluminum foil to bake something. However, what this foil will do in this recipe is help keep the salmon from drying out.

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Diet salmon recipes mediterranean

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