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Diet coke effect on liver

Most people love the chance to enjoy favorite a soft drink minus the calories, and diet soda is a very popular beverage for dieters, diabetics and people who simply want to avoid extra weight. However, recent research has indicated that soda in general may pose various health risks to consumers. In particular, diet soda is… Read More »

Is vodka and diet coke fattening

But what you might be surprised to know is how many calories are in most alcoholic drinks. Some of the most popular drinks ring in at over calories, and others at less than calories. It’s also worth noting that every bartender will make drinks differently and that calories are not the only thing to be… Read More »

Can you have diet coke on coke 0

Chong also speculates that the newer of the two, Coke Zero Sugar, may have been created to appeal to a wider audience. The most noticeable difference of all is the taste. In the U. And there’s that male-oriented marketing, again. Search Search for: Search. All the colas of the Coke Zero rainbow Instagram. This came… Read More »