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Study plant based diet worse than meat

Update: This story received criticism from our readers. Advocates of vegetarianism — including everybody’s favourite Governator — regularly point out how how harmful human consumption of meat is to the environment, but is opting for a fully vegetable-based, meat-free diet a viable way to cut down on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions? Nope —… Read More »

Ghost shrimp plant diet

The name ghost shrimp applies to dozens of different shrimp that all share a common trait — a completely translucent body. The name ghost shrimp originates from their nearly transparent bodies and these shrimp can be incredibly difficult to locate in a well planted aquarium. The conditions that ghost shrimp originate in differ wildly depending… Read More »

Vegetatrian diet plant based?

As a result, a larger selection of plant-based options have become noticeable at grocery stores, restaurants, public events, and fast food chains. As such, you may wonder what the differences between these two terms are. Veganism refers to the practice of being vegan 1. Veganism expanded to include a diet that excluded animal-derived foods, such… Read More »