Triathlon day of race diet

By | March 31, 2021

triathlon day of race diet

Some athletes are more prone to develop these problems than others. Before you start any tough session or race it is important that your glycogen stores are full if you are to perform at your best. Why: Continues to aid in recovery and sustains metabolism. Sunday Closed. So long as you rest between then and the race you will maintain high muscle glycogen levels. The complaints may be totally independent of food intake and sometimes they may only happen on race day. He was the Global Senior Director of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, defining strategies for research, education and sport science services. Aim to support a robust immune system and stave off pre-competition bouts of illness.

Triathletes rely on an array of foods and products to keep them fuelled. Race day requires a balance of timing, volume, and type of food. Did you know that there are four parts to any triathlon? Dried fruit such as apricots or raisins make a great natural alternative to sweets or synthetic gels, as do Veloforte Bites. Cutting fat completely is a recipe for ill-health and underperformance. Some ideas to trial. Achilles injury? During a race you need to consume roughly 1g of carbohydrate per kg body weight per hour of exercise. View the range. Find activities close to home. Ready, Set, Go!

Of diet race day triathlon

This is fine so long as you can tolerate it while swimming. Furber advises that a glucose-only gel is fine for Olympic and around 60g per hour as soon as you hit the bike. This equates to two or three gels per hour. You should also consume a pre-race coffee. Numerous studies have shown caffeine to improve performance, from burning more fat, lowering perception of effort to increasing power output. One strategy is to have a strong coffee before the start and top up with caffeinated gels or cola. Cherries are an option here. Also aim to hydrate with around ml of electrolyte in the hour after, but sipping not gulping. When it comes to the race, Matt Furber says you should have a carb strategy when competing for over 90mins. How you transport your drink becomes crucial as distance grows.

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