Type 2 diabetes and high protein diet

By | March 3, 2021

type 2 diabetes and high protein diet

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Trends reached statistical significance for total protein and animal protein, while no association was seen for vegetable protein. Table 2 Results of subgroup analysis. You need to take your personal situation and eating habits into account. Does eating a high-protein diet cause renal disease? Some error has occurred while processing your request. Data curation: Wen-Ting Zhao. Watts et al.

Obtaining positive nitrogen balance in people with type 2 diabetes requires glycemic control and adequate protein intake, especially when energy intake is restricted. Formal analysis: Wen-Ting Zhao. Other scientists Healthline contacted said they respected the study design but questioned its relevance to the general population. Typically, people with diabetes don’t need any more protein than people who don’t have diabetes. Meta-analysis for effect of high protein diet on diastolic A and systolic B blood pressures. Currently, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes is still increasing worldwide and has become a major public health burden. The exclusion criteria were: comparison was not performed based on diet composition; the ratio of energy from protein in diet intervention was equal between groups; duplicated publications; no available data; and letters, comments, or reviews. Yet, the benefits of weight loss in terms of improved insulin performance were blunted in the high-protein group.

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