What is the purpose of a diet analysis

By | December 14, 2020

what is the purpose of a diet analysis

Researchers can create their own 24 Hour recall online and ASA 24 will analyze the data for you. J Secretarial Stud. Human showed the highest frequency in October with , counts which was followed by , counts in July. Clinical Nutrition. Therefore, the companion animal market is also growing [ 10, 11 ]. CONCOR analysis form clusters after establishing relationships between similar keywords by understanding relation between the blocks and identifying the blocks of nodes according to the Pearson correlation of matrices [ 22 ]. This study aimed to find out which keyword could be grouped and associated with other keyword through the keyword network analysis. Therefore, the owner must control many variables for dietary regulation, but the control variable of eating for companion animals is restricted to feeds and snacks. Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Table 1 The frequency of diet keywords for human and companion animal related to the diet by simple frequency analysis in Korean J Obes.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the diet tendencies of human and companion animals using big data analysis. The keyword data of human diet and companion animals’ diet were collected from the portal site Naver from January 1, until December 31, and collected data were analyzed by simple frequency analysis, N-gram analysis, keyword network analysis and seasonality analysis. In terms of human, the word exercise had the highest frequency through simple frequency analysis, whereas diet menu most frequently appeared in the N-gram analysis. Keyword network analysis for human indicated 4 groups: diet group, exercise group, commercial diet food group, and commercial diet program group. However, the keyword network analysis for companion animals indicated 3 groups: diet group, exercise group, and professional medical help group. The analysis of seasonality showed that the interest in diet for both human and companion animals increased steadily since February of and reached its peak in July. In conclusion, diets of human and companion animals showed similar tendencies, particularly having higher preference for dietary control over other methods. The diets of companion animals are determined by the choice of their owners as effective diet method for owners are usually applied to the companion animals.

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Even the target subject of diet has changed; switch from women-oriented diet to men-oriented one with the change of lifestyles. A weight loss protocol and owners participation in the treatment of canine obesity. Accessed July 16, Corresponding author. Seoul: Nonghyup Economic Research Institute; Lee DI.

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