What size portion of lettuce on hcg diet

By | March 1, 2021

what size portion of lettuce on hcg diet

I did this diet once before about 7 years ago. Emails are generally x a week. I lost 45lbs. Though if you base it on Dr. They let you eat unlimited tomatoes, onion both high carb, broccoli, etc. Latest HCG Articles. I’m simply a mom sharing what has worked for myself and others.

Subscribe To Our Blog Posts. Brian Connole Share Tweet. Isn’t it great how specific the HCG Diet Menu is — It explains everything from what to eat all the way down to how your protein should be cooked; it leaves very little room for error. Honestly, when people dedicate such a significant amount of time and effort into a diet such as this, they want to know exactly what to do and how to do it. So it really is comforting to know that Dr. Simeons’ HCG Protocol has it all completely laid out for you Well, maybe it is missing just a few things here and there. I couldn’t help but notice that the good Doctor left out one pretty important detail, the serving amount for your HCG Veggies — And it seems that I am not alone. For the most part, aside from Beet-Greens, Chard, Lettuce and Spinach which is about 3 cups for each one, you could eat about 1 cup of any other veggie and that would be fine. But if you want to be more specific, I have put together a more precise list of how much of each vegetable you can have.

Podcast: Play in new window Download. See the allowed hcg diet vegetables. It was ok, but it was almost like I started getting this gag reflex thing going on after several bites. It was just My main point here is that sticking to one type of vegetable kind of creates a natural barrier to overeating on hCG, without having to think too much about it ie weighing, calculating calories, etc. Oz — actually even more fun would be on my own little hCG Diet Interviews show hehe and ask him all sorts of questions? Why this and why that? I could be utterly wrong, but this is my thinking. Simeons wanted this protocol to be easy and straightforward.

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